Any books worth buying?

Added by John McCabe almost 6 years ago


We've been using CruiseControl.NET for a while for our VS and target C++ builds. I 'inherited' responsibility for it after the guy who set it up left and have been managing ok. It looks like we might have to rebuild the machine it's running on though and I was hoping to take the opportunity to tidy a few things up and understand a bit more about CC.NET so I was wondering whether any of the books that reference CC.NET, especially the Manning one ( actually deal with it in any real depth or whether the local Wiki documents are better.

Thanks for any advice.

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RE: Any books worth buying? - Added by Ruben Willems almost 6 years ago

look at Scenarios

and google around there are a lot of helpfull posts.

I'm planning on updating the scenarios soon to cover more.