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Added by Mathias Schwope over 4 years ago


Can I change the ViewFarmReport of the webdashboard? For example, remove the column "next build time" or insert a new column to show the amount of fail builds.
Using version :

Thanks in advance

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RE: Customice ViewFarmReport.aspx - Added by Hans Schleichert over 1 year ago

Hi Mathias,

you may have found the answer but let me comment in case someone else encounters the same problem.

The farm report is created at runtime from a few template files which are all located (by default) in the CC.Net server's C:\Program Files (x86)\CruiseControl.NET\webdashboard\templates directory:
  • FarmSideBar.vm
  • LoginAction.vm
  • SiteTemplate.vm
  • TopMenu.vm
    You can modify each of these (but beware that several files are used by other webdashboard pages too) and see the result immediately in your browser when you update the displayed farm report page.

All templates inject comments like "<!-- ProjectGrid.vm: Start -->" and "<!-- ProjectGrid.vm: End -->" into the html code so that, by inspecting the html source code in your browser, you can identify the template which you want to modify.

Of course, you must have file-level access to the template files to modify them. I suggest to create backup copies before you start experimenting :-) better safe than sorry...