workspace XYZ;ccnet already exists on computer TFS02-T error

Added by Debby Argilo 7 months ago

We have been using Cruise Control with Team Foundation Service for over a year with no issues. Each of our projects has its own config files and the main ccnet.config has been attached.

Because our company wanted to upgrade TFS, the decision was made to clone our current production environment (called TFS02) to a new virtual server that could be used to test the upgrade. Every since the new test TFS server (TFS02-T) was brought on-line we have been having issues with Cruise Control.

The error message (in production):

ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.Core.CruiseControlException: The workspace XYZ;ccnet already exists on computer TFS02-T.

In order to alleviate the issue we have tried the following:
--Stopped the Cruise Control service so that it is no longer running on TFS02-T.
--Taken TFS02-T offline and unavailable.
Neither of these have solved the issue.

In the config file for cruise control if I change the workspace below - I am able to get cruise control to successfully build and deploy my code
<sourcecontrol type="vsts">

One solution would be to change all of the workspace definitions in the config file on production - but I am assuming that if we were to clone production again we will have the same error.

I am trying to understand why, when cruise control is executed on TF02 it is referring to workspaces on a different server (TFS02-T). I have done some research on the internet and have found one solution is to remove the VersionConrol.Config file ( but I am unable to find this file.

Can someone please help me understand this issue and the best approach for getting rid of it?

Thank you!


ccnetExample.config - Relevant ccnet.config info (2.2 kB)