CCNET returns incorrect CCNetLabel value at first time build with filelabeller and selectparameter

Added by Ron Ling over 4 years ago

Hi fellows,

I am with CCNET 1.6.7981.1 at the moment, and am having this issue where CCNetLabel returns the first line from a specified file via <filelabeller> instead of a user-specified value from <selectparameter> at its first time building. However for the 2nd time and onwards, it returns user-specified value correctly.

On the other side of this coin, is there a way to assign a dynamic value $(BuildVersion)/$[BuildVersion] to the pre-defined property $CCNetLabel?

Much appreciated if I can pick your brain on this one. See below the project config that produces this issue.

<cb:define name="parameters_cvo_select">
          <display>Choose an existing build to deploy</display>
          <description>Select an exsiting build to deploy:</description>

<cb:define name="labeller_cvo_file">
    <labeller type="fileLabeller">

<project     name="MyProj_1" 
    <cb:security_adminOnly />        
        <modificationHistory onlyLogWhenChangesFound="true" />
      <xmllogger />
     <cb:email_always_adminOnly />

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