CruiseControl not working with SourceGear Vault Client 8

Added by Mark Van Dyke about 3 years ago

Can't find any info on this issue after upgrading from SourceGaer 7.2 to SourceGear Vault Client 8. Anyone have any ideas? Automated builds currently broken because of this...

2015-02-05 11:00:47,643 [CwsBuild_Stage:WARN] Source control failure (GetModifications): The output does not contain the expected <vault> element: <vault>
<item txid="64427" date="05/02/2015 10:59:01 AM" name="dev/src/mw/Cws" type="150" typeName="Pinned" version="1903" objverid="841179" user="SomeUser" actionString="Pinned GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs at version 77" />
<item txid="64425" date="05/02/2015 10:58:57 AM" name="dev/src/mw/Cws/GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs" type="60" typeName="CheckIn" version="77" objverid="841156" user="SomeUser" actionString="Checked In" />
<item txid="64424" date="05/02/2015 10:58:52 AM" name="dev/src/mw/Cws" type="220" typeName="UnPinned" version="1901" objverid="841152" user="SomeUser" actionString="Unpinned GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs from version 76" />
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