How to specify target exe name?

Added by Mark Weston over 2 years ago

Hi all,

Beginner to CC.Net here :)

The company I have joined uses CC.Net to automate the building of their Delphi projects.
Source control is SVN. Nant is used for the building.
I presume Nant must be using the Delphi command line complier DCC32 to do the actual compilations but I haven't stumbled across that yet.

My problem is the the exe being created is not cased correctly:
<target name="compile">
<dcc source="*ABCDef*.dpr" exeoutput="bin\" dcuoutput="dcus\" build="true" version="7" mapfile="detailed">
<unitpath includedelphilib="True"><patternset refid="sources"/></unitpath>
<define name="USEADO" />
<option name="O" value="True"/>
<option name="W" value="True"/>

I'm expecting ABCDef.exe to be created. Instead I'm getting AbcDef.exe :(
I'm sure there is nothing in my Delphi source code that says "AbcDef"
So I suspect it must be Nant or CC.Net that is controlling the exe name.

How do these programs determine the name of the target exe?
Is it possible to specify the target exe name?

Thanks in advance!