How to build only changed projects

Added by Shaen Shaen over 2 years ago

Hi All,

I'm using CCNet to build Dotnet, DB and Java projects.
I'd like to build only changed projects to save time.
Which solution would you recommend?


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RE: How to build only changed projects - Added by Thomas Higgins over 2 years ago

You are going to have to give a better description of the problem in order to get detailed help. Also define what you mean by "project." CCNet project? Visual Studio project? Something else? But it sounds like your dependencies may not be set up correctly. For each CCNet project, you can tell CCNet which files to monitor for changes, and which files to ignore. So for example, you would set up the CCNet project that builds the Java code so it ignores the .NET and DB files. One way to do this is via the <inclusionFilters> and <exclusionFilters> sections of the <sourceControl> block. Note that you have to set the <sourceControl> block type to be "filtered" in order to use the filters.

A good book on how to get a CCNet system up and running is "Expert .NET Delivery Using NAnt and CruiseControl.NET" by Marc Holmes, ISBN 1-59059-485-1. It's a bit old now (copyright 2005), but the info is still valid, and you can find it very cheap. I think I got it for $4 on Amazon a couple of years ago.