Build Label questions

Added by Kyle Blake over 1 year ago

I just started a new job that uses

I need to figure out how to manually set the starting build label.

Right now my software builds at 3.4.656.4790

I need it to build at 3.4.656.10448

I found where 4790 is set in the .state file in the following locations:

<NameValuePair name="$CCNetLabel" value="4790" />

But the only one that seems to have any effect is the LastSuccessfulIntegrationLabel, which only affects the 'KLast Build Label' in the web interface. If I set the Label or CCNetLabel values, then save, they are just reverted to '4790' when I force a build.

Where is getting this '4790' minor revision number from? How can I manually jump it from 4790 to 10448?

Best regards and thank you for any help!