How to get all cb.defines in a ITask

Added by Martin Lippuner over 3 years ago


Can someone help me?

I have a big ccnet.config files with a lot of cd:define (myVar1 to myVar99999 and vars with other names).

Now I will create a Task (ITask), which is get some strings including some variable references "$(myVar1) is so cool", or "$(somethingX) is so lame".
More Info:

-There are a lot of *.config. (Inherits variables)
-The variable references are variable, so I can't use ReflectorProperty

My Question:
Is it possible to get the evaluated value of $(myVar1) and $(somethingX) in a Task?
Result should be "This Solution is so cool" and "No solution is so lame".;-)

Thank you for any help!