get the StatisticsChartGenerator working or ditch it (Task #164)

Added by Ruben Willems almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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Target version:1.9


only used in tests, and has no reflector attribute
do we need a statistics graph creator at the build server level?
--> this creates a fixed chart, what normally is done in the dashboard, and in the dashboard it could be interactive


Updated by Ruben Willems almost 6 years ago

ditching it, means removing the nplot dependency

Updated by Daniel Hommel almost 5 years ago

Definitely ditch the nplot dependency at the server level.
For plotting we can use JS libraries like
In the server I would focus on providing the stats in a reusable way (xml, json) but not more.
The presentation has to happen at the client side (or at least in the dashboard).

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