p4 sourcecontrol block's workingDirectory is ignored (Bug #249)

Added by Daniel Szabo over 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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Target version:1.8.4 Estimated time:1.00 hour
Affected version:1.6


I wanted to use the <workingDirectory>d:\x\y\z</workingDirectory> parameter for the p4 sourcecontrol block, but it seems it is completely ignored. (I wanted ccnet to create the p4.exe process in the directory I specified in order to use my .p4config file)

See the CreateProcessInfo method of P4ConfigProcessInfoCreator class. If I add the line between the comments it works.

public ProcessInfo CreateProcessInfo(P4 p4, string extraArguments){
ProcessInfo processInfo = new ProcessInfo(p4.Executable, BuildCommonArguments(p4) + extraArguments);
processInfo.TimeOut = 0; // Don't time out - this should be configurable
// dszabo - this is really missing
processInfo.WorkingDirectory = p4.WorkingDirectory;
// dszabo
return processInfo;


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