Some info for #276 Something starange with CCTray with login password auth (Bug #277)

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Target version:1.9
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I think it's bug in cctray.

We have CC.NET server with enabled authorization with this settings (also we have users and etc):

<defaults forceBuild="Deny" startProject="Deny" sendMessage="Deny" changeProject="Deny" modifySecurity="Deny" viewSecurity="Deny" viewProject="Deny" viewConfiguration="Deny" defaultRight="Deny"/>

Launch CCTray -> all project are GRAYED (not connected).
Going to File->Settings->Add just click on our server click OK, OK and CCTray connect to server and all projects are GREEN.

Looking in source code: When we click on server in settings CCTray call LoginRequest() and login to server.

My question is: why in CreateController() when calling (or may be later) controller = new MainFormController(configuration, this, this); CCTay don't call login to server?

sorry my english :(


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