Sequential into sequential will not run all its tasks (Bug #280)

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Target version:1.9
Affected version:1.9



Let's imagine we have a root task that is a sequential with continueOnFailure=True that we call rootTask
Inside that sequential, we have a series of tasks, which are sequential tasks with continueOnFailure=False which we call innerTask1, innerTask2 and innerTask3
Each of these inner tasks have "leaf" tasks that are actual tasks (like exec), and most importantly, they have more than one leaf task. We'll call them leafTask11, leafTask12, leafTask21, leafTask22, leafTask31, leafTask32

Now, lets imagine that leafTask22 (inside innerTask2) fails.
We would expect innerTask3 to run, and that ALL its tasks (leafTask31 and leafTask32) are run.

But what's happening is that only leafTask31 is run because the integration result is already a failure.

This bug was apparently introduced sometime between 1.9.22 and 1.9.27, I'll investigate


Updated by Olivier Sannier almost 5 years ago

Introduced by 3844fa45f24370b34a96301b851f3e4c634469d1

I'm quite sure there are issues like this one lurking around somewhere else

Updated by Olivier Sannier almost 5 years ago

Impacted tasks:


They all share the same code that actually relies on status not being set on a clone of an integration result

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