Unable to assign a webdashboard plugin package to a group (Bug #306)

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Status:Closed Start date:09/10/2013
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Target version:1.8.5
Affected version:1.8.4


When making a package for the webdashboard and uploading that package, it's actually impossible to define the group of the package
And when a package is not defined to belong to a group it is not displayed on the web administration interface

a manual edition of the packages.xml file is required...

It seems that i'm not the only one to have this problem, because it's also reported here : https://github.com/csnate/CCNet-dotCover-plugin/issues/1

I suggest to fix PackageManager.cs (see attached file, ln 313) so that the Group is read from the manifest file when a new package is uploaded to the webdashboard (not tested)

If that solution is validated, an update of the documentation should be done (http://www.cruisecontrolnet.org/projects/ccnet/wiki/DevInfo_MakingPackages)
because the group element is not describe there, even if it is already supported by the PackageManifest class

PackageManager.cs (13.6 kB) Mickaël Nivet, 09/10/2013 05:01 pm


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