Preprocessor elements "<cb:element>" is not expanded! (Bug #347)

Added by Mehrdad Mirreza over 3 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

Status:New Start date:12/05/2014
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Category:Configuration Spent time: -
Target version:1.9
Affected version:1.8.4


I have following definitions:

<!--  ******************** ID Mappings ***************** -->
    <cb:define ServerID_srv086="0"/>
    <cb:define ServerID_srv078="0"/>
    <cb:define ServerID_srv127="0"/>
    <cb:define ServerID_srv148="0"/>

<!--  *** Set CurrentServerID based on servername and mapping above *** 

    <cb:define name="CurrentServerID">
     aaa<cb:element namespace="cb" name="ServerID_srv148"/>bbb

and expect to have "aaa0bbb" as value of $(CurrentServerID) but I only get "aaabbb"! Why is the element element not working?

Interesting would be to know, what is the difference to the following (which is working):

    <cb:define name="CurrentServerID">


Updated by Ruben Willems over 3 years ago

maybe this could help : the comment does not appear to be closed
<!-- * Set CurrentServerID based on servername and mapping above *

there is no --> to be seen

if wonder why this would still be valid xml though

Updated by Mehrdad Mirreza about 3 years ago

Thanks for your comment Ruben. The missing "-->" is unfortunately just a typo, when I was copy pasting the code here. It also doesn't work when the commend line is closed correctly. Otherwise CCNET would have not accepted the file at all.

Updated by Mehrdad Mirreza over 1 year ago

Any Chance of getting this fixed in near future?

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