cctray shows wrong »Recent checkins have broken the build« when a new build is triggered on travis-ci (Feature #352)

Added by Joe Merten about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

Status:New Start date:02/04/2015
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Target version:CruiseControl.NET - 1.9



Tested with cctray with this travis-ci url:
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This issue interacts with an issue related to travis-ci which provides wrong information inside its cc.xml.
But cctray should not alert with »Recent checkins have broken the build« in this case.
E.g. IOS CCMenu an Linux BuildNotify are just turning their icon into gray if the cc.xml contains something like `lastBuildStatus="Unknown"`.

BTW: I tried to report this as a bug but failed because it isn't possible to select a affected version (the drop down listbox doesn't show any version).
That's the reason why I report this issue as a »Feature«.


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