error when calling remote from different timezone (Bug #363)

Added by Ondřej Švejdar almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

Status:New Start date:04/27/2016
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Affected version:1.8.0


How to simulate:
1) using API - this class in particular
2) call method "GetProjectStatus()"
3) if there is project that is stopped (i.e. nextBuildTime is set to DateTime.MaxValue in xml like)
<Projects CCType="CCNet">
<Project name="Monster.Component.Seeker.Web.Calendar" category="Components" activity="Sleeping" lastBuildStatus="Unknown" lastBuildLabel="UNKNOWN" lastBuildTime="2016-04-25T05:21:28.229751-05:00" nextBuildTime="9999-12-31T23:59:59.9999999-05:00" webUrl="" CurrentMessage="" BuildStage="" serverName="local" description="">
4) if server is in different timezone than client the "nextBuildTime" can overflow valid DateTime and will throw an error at ParseProjects method (line 301 in file referenced in 1))
// fails
NextBuildTime = RetrieveAttributeValue(node, "nextBuildTime", DateTime.MaxValue),

In my case server was in UTC-5 (EST) and client was in UTC+1 (Prague). CCNET server version: 1.8.0, Remote API version:, however based on GITHUB sources it doesn't seem to be fixed in newer releases.


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