Build success on nunit test failure (Bug #367)

Added by Dennis Jakobsen 8 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Affected version:1.8.5


My output is showing ERROR_LEVEL 14, because 8 tests had failures and 6 had errors.

So why is reporting a succesful build?

Where does determine whether a build fails or not? apparently it can't read the nunit.xml output.

I run nunit like this:
<exec description="nunit-console" executable="C:\NUnit-2.6.4\bin\nunit-console.exe" buildTimeoutSeconds="7200" buildArgs="UnitTests\MainAndFs.nunit /labels /out:nunit-results.txt /xml:nunit-results.xml /nodots /nologo"/>

And merge the xml file in my publishers section:

It used to work fine. For a while i was seeing failing builds with succesful nunit runs, now it's succeeding with failing builds instead.

The first line of my test-results are:
<test-results name="C:\long-path-here\MainAndFs.nunit" total="12314" errors="6" failures="8" not-run="303" inconclusive="0" ignored="303" skipped="0" invalid="0" date="2017-08-28" time="23:57:00">

And looking at the Nunit-details .xsl view they are correctly registered as failing.

Any ideas?


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