Installation on IIS7 (Support #43)

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The 1.6.7981.1 windows installer works with IIS6 out of the box. Trying it with with IIS7 silently fails, as the createCCNetVBDir.vbs script fails to register the ASP.NET, as well as fails to add the ccnet virtual directory.

Here are the manual steps required to have a IIS7 working installation using this version of the instraller:

1) Windows 7 Pro (or any compatible OS version with IIS support)
2) Add iis7 if not yet installed. Verify it by starting the http://localhost site in the browser.
3) Download and install ccnet 1.6.7981.1 version. Note, IIS config fails: createCCNetVDir.vbs (117,2)
4) Start CruiseControl service in Services
5) Run the command "%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regiis.exe -i" as admin
7) IIS7 Manager: add virtual path to default site: ccnet / webdashboard folder
8) Convert to application
9) Activate demo project in ccnet.config
10) Download and install cctray from the localhost/ccnet site;)
11) Build the first demo project;)

Feel free to add these to the WIKI...

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Updated by Ruben Willems about 4 years ago

need to update the install functionality to use appcmd

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