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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Parent task Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Affected version
297 CruiseControl.NETBugFeedbackHighpowershell tasks arguments are not passed correctlyRuben Willems05/12/2014 07:36 pmTask1.91.8.2
295 CruiseControl.NETTaskNewNormalrefactor the categorized view farm plugin08/04/2013 04:56 pm1.9
294 CruiseControl.NETBugFeedbackNormalPackage publisher leaves a copy of the package in the artifacts folder07/12/2014 05:33 pmPublisher1.91.8.4
285 CruiseControl.NETSupportNewImmediateRSS feed item cannot be opened05/12/2014 07:37 pmPublisher1.91.8.3
281 CruiseControl.NETBugFeedbackNormalMercurial source control multipleHeadsFail causes build to fail if there are any branches08/05/2013 07:28 am1.6
277 CruiseControl.NETBugNewHighSome info for #276 Something starange with CCTray with login password authRuben Willems05/12/2014 07:37 pmGeneral1.91.8.3
276 CCTrayBugNewNormalCCTray not remember user name and password04/30/2013 10:58 pm1.91.4.4
274 CruiseControl.NETBugNewNormalFileChangedWatcher not recognizing change to ccnet.config from ccservice process.Daniel Nauck04/23/2013 06:26 pmCCNet - Build Server1.8.3
272 CruiseControl.NETBugIn ProgressNormalSubversion externals with relative pathsRuben Willems05/12/2014 07:37 pmSource Control1.91.8.4
271 CruiseControl.NETBugNewNormalVSS modifications not detected03/19/2013 04:23 pm1.8.3
270 CruiseControl.NETFeatureFeedbackNormalPowerShell output lines wrap at 83 characters05/12/2014 07:37 pm1.9
269 CruiseControl.NETBugFeedbackNormalPowerShell task fails if there is any output to standard errorRuben Willems05/12/2014 07:37 pm1.91.8.3
267 CruiseControl.NETBugNewNormalIf svn <cleanCopy/> is true then <cleanUp/> must be ignored02/23/2013 06:03 am1.8.0
266 CruiseControl.NETFeatureNewNormalChange CCNet workflow to support labels from dvcs source control09/11/2013 11:09 amBuild Process1.9
265 CruiseControl.NETFeatureNewNormalAllow to start custom program when killing a frozen taskDaniel Nauck05/12/2014 07:37 pmCCNet - Build Server1.9
261 CruiseControl.NETBugFeedbackNormalPowerShell Task: Parameters not passed to PowerShell scriptRuben Willems05/12/2014 07:37 pmTask1.91.8.3
259 CruiseControl.NETBugNewNormalyellow nunit warning tests not visible on white background11/09/2013 04:17 pm1.8.3
258 CruiseControl.NETFeatureNewNormalThe text on Force button is not changed to "Abort" automatically when "force" button is pressedRuben Willems01/29/2013 05:06 amWebDashboard
253 CruiseControl.NETFeatureNewNormalSVN get 1 revision at a time in source control block03/19/2013 11:21 amSource Control
252 CruiseControl.NETFeatureNewLowTags for release versions01/15/2013 04:40 pm
251 CruiseControl.NETFeatureFeedbackUrgentAutmated build is not workingDaniel Hommel02/12/2013 11:43 amBuild Process
248 CruiseControl.NETBugNewNormal"lastChangeLabeller" does not work with filtered source control using p4.01/10/2013 02:45 am1.8.3
245 CruiseControl.NETBugNewLowSupport SVN Switch (rather than clean checkout)05/12/2014 07:37 pmSource Control1.91.8.2
237 CruiseControl.NETBugNewNormallastchangelabeller gives unknown version when previously completed build has a prefix12/12/2012 04:46 pmLabeller1.6
236 CruiseControl.NETBugNewNormalUnhandled exception in CCTray (v1.6.7981.1)12/11/2012 08:08 amGeneral1.6

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