Added Configuration Scenarios

Added by Ruben Willems almost 6 years ago

There are now pages that cover in detail on how setting up CCNet for different scenario's : CI server, no security, bolted down security, gathering statistics, staging, ...

This will show how you can setup CCNet, and these pages guide you through it, step by step.
Setting up CCNet.config, making a build script, ...

This will help first time users a lot, and maybe give others some alternatives or tips :-)

You can find them here : Scenarios : Wiki - Configuration - Scenarios
For the moment the following pages exist :
  • Build Server Scenarios
    • Step 1 Setting up Source Control
    • Step 2 Build on Check-in
    • Step 3 Add unit tests
    • Step 4 Add Coverage
    • Step 5 Add source code analysis
  • Security scenarios
    • Scenario 1 Small In-house Development Team
    • Scenario 2 Large In-house Development Team
    • Scenario 3 Open Source Project

Other pages coming in the near future

Tips and hints are welcome ...


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