AccuRev Source Control Block

Source control integration for Accurev's source control product (


Available from version 1.3


Minimalist example

1<sourcecontrol type="accurev">
2  <autoGetSource>true</autoGetSource>

Full example

 1<sourcecontrol type="accurev">
 2  <autoGetSource>true</autoGetSource>
 3  <executable>accurev.exe</executable>
 4  <homeDir>.</homeDir>
 5  <labelOnSuccess>false</labelOnSuccess>
 6  <login>false</login>
 7  <password>banana</password>
 8  <principal>joe_user</principal>
 9  <timeout units="minutes">10</timeout>
10  <workspace>.</workspace>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
type The type of source control block. String - must be accurev Yes n/a 1.3
homeDir Specifies the location of the AccuRev home directory. The pathname can be either absolute or relative to the project artifact directory. If not specified, AccuRev will follow its rules for determining the location. The home directory itself is always named ".accurev".
Optional, default is to let AccuRev decide where the home directory is.
String No None 1.3
password Specifies the password for the AccuRev "principal" (userid). PrivateString No None 1.3
principal Specifies the AccuRev "principal" (userid) to run under. If not specified, AccuRev will follow its rules for determining the principal. String No false 1.3
autoGetSource Specifies whether the current version of the source should be retrieved from AccuRev. Boolean No false 1.3
dynamicValues The dynamic values to use for the source control block. Dynamic Values array No None 1.5
executable Specifies the path to the AccuRev command line tool. You should only have to include this element if the tool isn't in your path. By default, the AccuRev client installation process names it accurev.exe and puts it in C:\Program Files\AccuRev\bin. String No accurev.exe 1.3
issueUrlBuilder Converts the comment (or parts from it) into an url pointing to the issue for this build. See IssueUrlBuilder for more details. IssueUrlBuilder No None 1.4
labelOnSuccess Specifies whether or not CCNet should create an AccuRev snapshot when the build is successful. If set to true, CCNet will create a snapshot of the workspace's basis stream as of the starting time of the build, naming it according to the build label. Boolean No false 1.3
login Specifies whether or not CCNet should log in to AccuRev using the specified principal and password. If set to true, the principal and password elements are required, and CCNet will use them to log in to AccuRev before executing any AccuRev commands.
If this is set to true, then both principal and password must be set.
Boolean No false 1.3
timeout Sets the timeout period for the source control operation. See Timeout Configuration for details. Timeout Configuration No 10 minutes 13
workspace Specifies the location on disk of the AccuRev workspace that CCNet monitors for changes. The pathname can be either absolute or relative to the project working directory, and must identify the top-level directory of the workspace. Note that this is not the same as the workspace name - AccuRev will determine the workspace name from the disk pathname. String No false 1.3


Known Issues

CruiseControl.NET doesn't see my changes

AccuRev depends on the clocks of the server and its clients ticking together. Make sure the clock of your build server is synchronized to the clock of your AccuRev server. See CCNET-271 for details on a similar problem with Rational ClearCase.

AccuRev says I'm "unknown" or "not authenticated"

AccuRev needs to know the userid that owns the workspace, and stores that information in files in the AccuRev home directory, which defaults to HOMEDRIVE%HOMEPATH%\.accurev. If there isn't any such directory, or if CCNet is running under a userid that isn't an AccuRev user, AccuRev will not be able to function correctly and the accurev info command may report that the user is unknown or not authenticated. You can use the homeDir element to force AccuRev to look for the .accurev directory in a particular location, such as the project's artifact directory.

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