Email Group

Defines a group of users to receive e-mails.


Available from version 1.3


1<group name="developers">
2  <notifications>
3    <notificationType>Failed</notificationType>
4    <notificationType>Fixed</notificationType>
5  </notifications>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
name The name of the group, which corresponds to the "group" values used in the <user> elements. String Yes n.a 1.3
notifications A list of notification types, determining when to send email to this group. String array The following values are valid:
* Always
* Change
* Failed
* Success
* Fixed
* Exception
No n.a 1.3



Up to CC.NET version 1.4.4, notification is a single attribute on the group. Starting with CC.NET 1.5.0, this has been changed to an array of notification types. From 1.5.0 onwards, the Failed notification type, is just failed, it does not include the Exception anymore. Making it possible to mail Exception to the buildmaster, and Failed to the developpers. Developers will not get Exception mails, unless configured so.

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