Email Publisher

Publishes results of integrations via email. This implementation supports plain-text, and Html email formats. Rules regarding who receives email are configurable.

The email publisher can be used to send email to any number of users. It is common to include one user who gets an email for every build and then also send email to every developer who checked code in for this build.


People tend to prefer to use CCTray rather than email for instant notification these days.


Make sure that all of the Merge Publishers, along with the Xml Log Publisher task are done before the <email> publisher, or else you won't be able to include output from the build in the email. A common mistake is to put the email task in the <tasks> section instead of the <publishers> section. If an error occurs in the <tasks> section, the remaining tasks in that section are skipped, and CC.Net goes right to the <publishers> section. So if you put the <email> tasks in the <tasks> section, you'll never get any failure messages.


Available from version 1.0


 1<email mailport="25" includeDetails="TRUE" mailhostUsername="smtpuser" mailhostPassword="smtppassword" useSSL="FALSE">
 2  <from></from>
 3  <mailhost></mailhost>
 4  <users>
 5    <user name="BuildGuru" group="buildmaster" address="" />
 6    <user name="JoeDeveloper" group="developers" address="" />
 7  </users>
 8  <groups>
 9    <group name="developers">
10      <notifications>
11        <notificationType>Failed</notificationType>
12        <notificationType>Fixed</notificationType>
13      </notifications>
14    </group>
15    <group name="buildmaster">
16      <notifications>
17        <notificationType>Always</notificationType>
18      </notifications>
19    </group>
20  </groups>
21  <converters>
22    <regexConverter find="$" replace="" />
23  </converters>
24  <modifierNotificationTypes>
25    <NotificationType>Failed</NotificationType>
26    <NotificationType>Fixed</NotificationType>
27  </modifierNotificationTypes>
28  <subjectSettings>
29    <subject buildResult="StillBroken" value="Build is still broken for {CCNetProject}" />
30  </subjectSettings>
31  <xslFiles>
32    <file>xsl\header.xsl</file>
33    <file>xsl\compile.xsl</file>
34    <file>xsl\unittests.xsl</file>
35    <file>xsl\modifications.xsl</file>
36  </xslFiles>
37  <attachments>
38    <file>C:\Data\AFile.txt</file>
39    <file>Relative.txt</file>
40  </attachments>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
attachments A list of files to attach to the e-mail. If the full path is not specified, then it will be relative to the project working directory. String array No None 1.5
converters A set of elements containing rules for creating email adresses based on the modifiers name. The converters will be used when the name of the modifier is not set in the users section. Email Converter array No None 1.0
description Description used for the visualisation of the buildstage, if left empty the process name will be shown. String No The task/publisher name. 1.5
dynamicValues The dynamic values to use for the task. Dynamic Values array No None 1.5
groups A set of <group> elements that identify which the notification policy for a set of users. Email Group array Yes n/a 1.3
users A set of <user> elements that define who to send emails to. Email User array Yes n/a 1.0
environment A set of environment variables set for commands that are executed.
Each variable should be specified as
1<variable name="name" value="value" />

Environment Variable array No
from The e-mail address that email will be marked as coming from. String Yes n/a 1.0
includeDetails Whether to send a full report or not. If not, just sends a simple status message with a link to the build report. Boolean No false 1.0
mailhost The SMTP server that CruiseControl.NET will connect to to send email. String Yes n/a 1.0
mailhostPassword The password to provide to the SMTP server. PrivateString No None 1.2
mailhostUsername The user name to provide to the SMTP server. String No None 1.2
mailport The SMTP server port number. Int32 No 25 1.0
modifierNotificationTypes A set of <NotificationType> elements, specifying build states for which CruiseControl.Net should send an email to the comitters of the build. String array The following values are valid:
* Always
* Change
* Failed
* Success
* Fixed
* Exception
No Always 1.0
replyto The e-mail address to use for replies. String No None 1.0
subjectPrefix A string that will be the first string of the subject. String No None 1.0
subjectSettings A set of <subject> elements that define the subject of the email, according to the state of the build (broken, fixed, ...) Email Subject array No None 1.0
useSSL Whether to use SSL or not for sending the e-mail. Boolean No false 1.0
xslFiles A list of xsl files that will be used to fill up the message body, if left blank the list will be taken from ccnet.exe.config or ccservice.exe.config. String array No None 1.5


HTML E-mails

When includedDetails = True, the message body will contain more information. This detailed information is constructed from xsl transformations on the build log. If the xslFiles section is filled these files will be used, if not defined the xls files are defined in the ccnet.exe.config in the xslFiles section. (see also: Server Application Config File). When adjusting one of these, restart the console/service. The benefits of defining the xsl files in the email publisher:

* the xsl files are automatically the same for the console as for the service (no more keeping these 2 in sync)  
* it is possible to give projects different xsl transformations  

The groups node may be empty, but the group section must exist.


For sending mail via gmail :

* mailhost="" 
* mailport="587" 
* mailhostUsername="" 
* mailhostPassword="yourpassword" 
* useSSL="TRUE"

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