File Based Security Cache

Provides an in-memory cache for sessions that is backed by a store on disk.

This cache will store the sessions details in memory for quick-access. Whenever a session is changed it also writes a copy of the details to a file on the disk. Then when the security manager is restarted it loads all the sessions from disk.


Available from version 1.5


1<cache type="fileBasedCache" duration="10" mode="sliding" location="C:\sessions\" />

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
type The type of security cache to use. String - must be fileBasedCache Yes n/a 1.5
duration The duration, in minutes, that a session is stored for. Int32 No 10 1.5
mode The type of expiration period to use. Options are either Sliding (the expiry time is moved every time a security request is made) or Fixed (expiry time never changes). String - one of:
* Fixed
* Sliding
No Sliding 1.5
location The location where the backing files are stored. If this is a relative folder, it will be relative to the program data folder for CruiseControl.NET. String No Sessions 1.5

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