HTTP Settings

The settings for an HTTP request.


Available from version 1.5


Minimalist example

2  <uri></uri>

Full example

2  <method>GET</method>
3  <uri></uri>
4  <useDefaultCredentials>false</useDefaultCredentials>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
body The body of the request to send. String No None 1.5
credentials The credentials to use in the request. NetworkCredential No None 1.5
headers The HTTP headers to send. HTTP Request Header array No None 1.5
method The method to use.
This can be any valid HTTP method, e.g. GET, POST, etc.
String No GET 1.5
readWriteTimeout The read/write timeout period. Timeout Configuration No None 1.5
sendFile A file to send in the request. String No None 1.5
timeout The timeout period before cancelling the request. Timeout Configuration No None 1.5
uri The URL to make the request to. Uri Yes n/a 1.5
useDefaultCredentials Whether to use the default credentials or not. Boolean No false 1.5

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