HTML Report Plugin

A generic plug-in to display a report from an HTML file.


Available from version 1.5



1<htmlReportPlugin description="Document Report" actionName="viewReport" htmlFileName="reports\document.html" />

In Context

 2  <buildReportBuildPlugin>
 3    <xslFileNames>
 4      <xslFile>xsl\header.xsl</xslFile>
 5      <xslFile>xsl\modifications.xsl</xslFile>
 6    </xslFileNames>
 7  </buildReportBuildPlugin>
 8  <buildLogBuildPlugin />
 9  <htmlReportPlugin description="Document Report" actionName="viewReport" htmlFileName="reports\document.html" />

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
actionName The name of the action - this will be used in the URL for the plug-in.
This must be unique for the dashboard (e.g. there cannot be another action or plug-in with the same name.
String Yes n/a 1.5
description The description of the plug-in.
This will be displayed as the title of the link.
String Yes n/a 1.5
excludedProjects The projects to exclude from this plug-in.
This is currently not implemented.
String array No None 15
htmlFileName The name of the file to display.
See the notes below on what are valid names.
String Yes n/a 1.5
includedProjects The projects to include in this plug-in.
This is currently not implemented.
String array No None 15


HTML Source Location

This plug-in can display any file that is in the build folder under artifacts folder for the project. It cannot display files from any other location (for security reasons).

Files can be published to a build folder using the File Merge Task. This will automatically generate the correct folder structure for the HTML reports.

File Names

All file names are relative to the build folder. Files directly in the folder can be specified, as well as folders in sub-folders. For example both report.html and documents\report.html are valid file names.

Absolute filepaths are not allowed (e.g. c:\somewhere\report.html).

If the project's artefact folder was d:\data\ and the build label was 1.0.1, then report.html would come from d:\data\1.0.1\report.html.

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