Iteration Labeller

The Iteration Labeller is similar to the Default Labeller; however, it maintains a revision number that is incremented by one for each iteration from the release start date. For example, if the release start date was June 1, 2005 and the iteration duration was 2 weeks, the iteration number on July 1, 2005 would be 3. This would create a label of

.3.<build number>.  

h2. Version

Available from version 1.0

h2. Examples

<pre><code class="xml"><labeller type="iterationlabeller">

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
duration The duration of the iteration in weeks. Int32 No 2 1.0
dynamicValues The dynamic values to use for the labeller. Dynamic Values array No None 1.5
incrementOnFailure If true, the label will be incremented even if the build fails. Otherwise it will only be incremented if the build succeeds. Boolean No false 1.1
initialBuildLabel Allows you to set the initial build number. This will only be used when on the first build of a project, meaning that when you change this value, you'll have to stop the CCNet service and delete the state file. Int32 No 1 1.5
labelFormat A format applied to the buildnumber. String No 0 1.0
postfix Any string to be put at the end of all labels. String No None 1.0
prefix Any string to be put in front of all labels. String No None 1.0
labelPrefixFile The location to a file which contains the prefix to be used. If this is filled in, the LabelPrefix setting is ignored, and the value from the file is used instead. This allows other people to set the prefix, without them needing to adjust CCNet.config, or bother a person who has access. Tip : place this file in a separate folder that is shared, so that others do not have direct access to the build server. String No None 1.7
labelPrefixFileSearchPattern A reg-ex expression to enforce the data of the contents in LabelPrefixFile. The first match is taken. This allows a bit more userfriendlyness. (skip whitespace, extra lines and so) example : \d\+\.\d\+\.\d\+\. This will enforce a layout of 3 numbers separated by a period ideal for a version prefix String No
releaseStartDate The start date for the release (the start date of iteration one). DateTime Yes n/a 1.0
separator The separator between the iteration number and the build number. String No . 1.0


Contributed by Craig Campbell.

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