LDAP Email Converter

Looks up the email address via LDAP.


Available from version 1.4.1


This will search the LDAP for source control userid "js" , using default settings.

2  <ldapConverter domainName="TheCompany" />

This will search the LDAP for source control userid "js" , specifying a user for querying the LDAP.

2  <ldapConverter domainName="TheCompany" ldapLogOnUser="LdapQuery" ldapLogOnPassword="LdapQueryPW" />

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
domainName The domain to query for the LDAP service. String Yes n/a 141
ldapLogOnPassword The password to use for connecting to the LDAP service. PrivateString No None 141
ldapLogOnUser Username for logging into the LDAP service. String No None 141
ldapQueryField The field in the LDAP service to use for mapping the source control userid. String No MailNickName 141

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