MKS Source Integrity Source Control Block

MKS Source Integrity Source Control Block.


Available from version 1.0


 1<sourceControl type="mks">
 2  <executable>C:\MKS\bin\si.exe</executable>
 3  <user>CCNetUser</user>
 4  <password>CCNetPassword</password>
 5  <hostname>hostname</hostname>
 6  <port>8722</port>
 7  <sandboxroot>C:\MyProject</sandboxroot>
 8  <sandboxfile>myproject.pj</sandboxfile>
 9  <autoGetSource>true</autoGetSource>
10  <timeout units="minutes">10</timeout>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
type The type of source control block. String - must be mks Yes n/a 1.0
autoDisconnect Whether or not CCNet should automatically disconnect after the sourcecontrol operation has finished. Boolean No false 1.0
autoGetSource Instruct CCNet whether or not you want it to automatically retrieve the latest source from the repository. Boolean No true 1.0
checkpointOnSuccess Whether to set a checkpoint on success or not. Boolean No false 1.0
dynamicValues The dynamic values to use for the source control block. Dynamic Values array No None 1.5
executable The local path for the MKS source integrity command-line client (eg. c:\Mks\bin\si.exe). String Yes si.exe 1.0
hostname The IP address or machine name of the MKS Source Integrity server. String Yes None 1.0
issueUrlBuilder Converts the comment (or parts from it) into an url pointing to the issue for this build. See IssueUrlBuilder for more details. IssueUrlBuilder No None 1.4
password Password for the MKS Source Integrity user ID. String No None 1.0
port The port on the MKS Source Integrity server to connect to. Int32 No 8722 1.0
sandboxfile The project file. String Yes n/a 1.0
sandboxroot The local path MKS Source Integrity sandbox root corresponds to. String Yes n/a 1.0
timeout Sets the timeout period for the source control operation. See Timeout Configuration for details. Timeout Configuration No 10 minutes 1.0
user MKS Source Integrity user ID that CCNet should use. String No None 1.0

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