A folder to include in the package

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
baseFolder Base folder to strip out of the file names (if flatten is false) String No Working Directory for the project
fileFilter The filename filter to apply
Use this attribute to filter files that will be stored into the package. For example

will select all files (default),

will only select xml files,

will select only files that start with the word test and have an extension of xml.
String Yes
flatten Flatten the hierachy
Use this attribute if you wish to save the files without folder information
Boolean No
includeSubFolders Recursively save files
Use this attribute if you wish to recursively add files to the package
Boolean No
sourceFolder The name of the folder to store into the package
This is the path to the folder that you wish to store in the package
String Yes
targetFolder The name of the folder in the package that the file will be saved under
Use this attribute if you wish to override the location of the files being saved in the package.
String No

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