Package Publisher

Generates a ZIP file package containing the specified files.

This will generate a "package" of files in a compressed format. The files must be specified, plus an optional manifest can be included.

This publisher also allows the generation of a "manifest" to include in the package. A manifest contains additional details on the package, both at a general level and at a file level.


Available from version 1.4.4


Minimalist example

2  <name>Example</name>
3  <packageList>
4    <packageFile>
5      <sourceFile>results.txt</sourceFile>
6    </packageFile>
7  </packageList>

Full example

 2  <name>Example</name>
 3  <compression>9</compression>
 4  <always>true</always>
 5  <manifest type="defaultManifestGenerator" />
 6  <packageList>
 7    <packageFile>
 8      <sourceFile>results.txt</sourceFile>
 9      <packageFile sourceFile="icons\*.png" flatten="true" />
10      <packageFile sourceFile="info\readme.txt" flatten="true" />
11      <packageFolder baseFolder="d:\tools" sourceFolder="d:\tools\Nant" fileFilter="*.*" includeSubFolders="true" />
12    </packageFile>
13  </packageList>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
always Whether the package should always be generated or not.
By default a package will only be generated for a successful build. Setting this property to true, and including it in the publishers section means the package will always be generated, irrespective of the outcome of the build.
Boolean No false 1.4.4
compression The level of compression to use. The valid range is from zero to nine, zero is no compression and nine is maximum compression. Int32 No 5 1.4.4
description Description used for the visualisation of the buildstage, if left empty the process name will be shown. String No The task/publisher name. 144
dynamicValues The dynamic values to use for the task. Dynamic Values array No None 144
environment A set of environment variables set for commands that are executed.
Each variable should be specified as
1<variable name="name" value="value" />

Environment Variable array No
manifest The manifest generator to be used.
If this property is not set no manifest will be generated.
Manifest Generators No None 1.4.4
outputDir The location to output the package to. String No Project Artifact Directory 1.4.4
packageList The list of files and folders to include in the package.
All relative files will be relative to the baseDirectory.
Package Item array Yes n/a 144
name The name of the package file.
This will be the filename of the package. If the extension zip is omitted, it will be added automatically.
String Yes n/a 1.4.4

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