Parameter Trigger

Trigger to add build parameters to an integration request.


Like all triggers, the parameterTrigger must be enclosed within a triggers element in the appropriate Project Configuration Block.

warning : Nested trigger syntax is different

As shown below, the configuration of the nested trigger is not the same as when using that trigger outside a filter trigger. When using the <parameterTrigger> element, the inner trigger must be specified with the <trigger> element. You could not use the <intervalTrigger> trigger element in this example.


Available from version 1.5


2  <trigger type="intervalTrigger" seconds="60" />
3  <parameters>
4    <!-- Parameters here-->
5  </parameters>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
trigger The inner trigger to filter. Trigger Blocks Yes n/a 1.5
parameters The parameters to pass onto the inner trigger. Named Value array Yes n/a 1.5

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