The PathFilter can be used to filter modifications on the basis of their file path.

            ** for any directory matching
            *  means zero or more of any characters
            ?  means one and only one of any character


Available from version 1.0


2  <pattern>/Kunigunda/ServiceLocator/Sources/Kunigunda.ServiceLocator/AssemblyInfo.cs</pattern>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
caseSensitive Sets casesensitive searching on or off. Boolean No true 1.0
pattern This is the pattern used to compare the modification path against. The pattern should match the path of the files in the repository (not the path of the files in the working directory). See below for examples of the syntax for this element. Each PathFilter contains a single pattern element. String Yes n/a 1.0


            example             |    Matches     
            **/sources/**/*.*   | Matches any file in   /working/sources   /working/sources/CVS    /working/build/target/sources
            *.*                 | any file that is in the root of the repository.
            /theFolder/*.*      | any file that is in theFolder
            **/theName.dat      | all file named 'theName.dat' in any folder of the repository
            **/*.*              | matches all files in any folder 
            **/the*.dat         | matches all files that start with 'the' and have a dat extention in any folder
            **/the*Folder/*.*   | matches all files in folders that start with 'the' and end with 'Folder'

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