The Web Dashboard comes pre-configured to use a default set of plugins. The section is split up into 4 parts, representing the Farm, Server, Project and Build views available in the Dashboard.

Each section can be configured with any number of plugins. Most Build Plugins can be configured just to be used for certain Projects.

From version 1.5 onwards it is advised to use the administration plugin to enable / disable plugins.


Available from version 1.0


 2  <farmPlugins>
 3    <farmReportFarmPlugin categories="false" />
 4    <cctrayDownloadPlugin />
 5    <administrationPlugin password="" />
 6  </farmPlugins>
 7  <serverPlugins>
 8    <serverReportServerPlugin />
 9  </serverPlugins>
10  <projectPlugins>
11    <projectReportProjectPlugin />
12    <viewProjectStatusPlugin />
13    <latestBuildReportProjectPlugin />
14    <viewAllBuildsProjectPlugin />
15  </projectPlugins>
16  <buildPlugins>
17    <buildReportBuildPlugin>
18      <xslFileNames>
19        <xslFile>xsl\header.xsl</xslFile>
20        <xslFile>xsl\modifications.xsl</xslFile>
21      </xslFileNames>
22    </buildReportBuildPlugin>
23    <buildLogBuildPlugin />
24  </buildPlugins>
25  <securityPlugins>
26    <simpleSecurity />
27  </securityPlugins>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
buildPlugins Gets or sets the build plugins. IBuildPlugin array Yes 1.0
farmPlugins Gets or sets the farm plugins. IPlugin array Yes 1.0
projectPlugins Gets or sets the project plugins. IPlugin array Yes 1.0
securityPlugins Gets or sets the security plugins. ISecurityPlugin array No 1.5
serverPlugins Gets or sets the server plugins. IPlugin array Yes 1.0
sessionStore Gets or sets the session store. ISessionStore No 1.6
customTemplates This provides some theming support for the Dashboard. The folder is relative to the dashboard folder. And must contain all files from the templates folder. The files in this custom templates folder can be easily modified, they will not be overwritten when you install a new version of CCNet String No NA 1.4.3

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