Seapine Surround Source Control Block

Source Controller for Seapine Surround SCM


The Seapine Surround provider is designed to work with Surround 4.1. It may not work with earlier versions of Surround.


Available from version 1.0


 1<sourcecontrol type="surround">
 2  <executable>C:\Program Files\Seapine\Surround SCM\sscm.exe</executable>
 3  <serverconnect></serverconnect>
 4  <serverlogin>build:buildpw</serverlogin>
 5  <branch>mybranch</branch>
 6  <repository>myrepository/myproject</repository>
 7  <workingDirectory>C:\myproject</workingDirectory>
 8  <recursive>1</recursive>
 9  <file>*.cpp</file>
10  <searchregexp>0</searchregexp>
11  <timeout units="minutes">10</timeout>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
type The type of source control block. String - must be pvcs Yes n/a 1.0
branch The Surround SCM branch to monitor. String Yes n/a 1.0
dynamicValues The dynamic values to use for the source control block. Dynamic Values array No None 1.5
executable The local path for the Surround SCM command-line client (eg. C:\Program Files\Seapine\Surround SCM\sscm.exe). String Yes sscm 1.0
file A filename pattern to match to monitor and retrieve files. String No None 1.0
issueUrlBuilder Converts the comment (or parts from it) into an url pointing to the issue for this build. See IssueUrlBuilder for more details. IssueUrlBuilder No None 1.4
recursive Monitor and retrieve all files in child repositories of the specified repository. (Value 1 = true, 0 = false). Int32 No 0 1.0
repository The Surround SCM repository to monitor. String Yes n/a 1.0
searchregexp Treat the filename pattern as a regular expression. (Value 1 = true, 0 = false) Int32 No 0 1.0
serverconnect The IP address or machine name and port number of the Surround SCM server. String No 1.0
serverlogin Surround SCM login:password that CCNet should use. String No Administrator 1.0
timeout Sets the timeout period for the source control operation. See Timeout Configuration for details. Timeout Configuration No 10 minutes 1.0
workingDirectory The local path to get files from Surround SCM to. String Yes n/a 1.0


Contributed by Yan Shapochnik and Pete Vasiliauskas at Seapine Software.

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