The Dashboard needs to connect over the network to each of Build Servers you want to report on. If you have changed any of the remoting configuration for your servers, you'll need those details now. To configure the dashboard, add a <server> tag for each CruiseControl.NET Server you want to monitor to the <servers> section.


Available from version 1.0


1<server name="local" url="tcp://localhost:21234/CruiseManager.rem" allowForceBuild="true" allowStartStopBuild="true" />

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
allowForceBuild Displays or hides the Force Build button on the Project Dashboard page Boolean No true 1.4
allowStartStopBuild Displays or hides the Stop Build button on the Project Dashboard page. Stopping a project will stop the project's triggers so that they will not trigger new builds until the project is started again; this will not abort a build that is in progress. Boolean No true 1.4.0
backwardsCompatible Should the client handle server versions older than 1.5.0. beta code, could be removed Boolean No false 1.5
name A referential name for the server - this must be unique for each server monitored by the Dashboard String Yes local 1.0
compressLogs Gets or sets a value indicating whether the transfer should use compressed logs. Boolean No false 1.6
url The management URL for the Server String Yes tcp://localhost:21234/CruiseManager.rem 1.0

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