URL Header Value Condition

Checks if a URL returns a specified header.


Available from version 1.6


Basic example

1<urlHeaderValueCondition url="http://somewhere.com" />

Example in context

 2  <conditions>
 3    <urlHeaderValueCondition>
 4      <url>http://somewhere.com</url>
 5    </urlHeaderValueCondition>
 6  </conditions>
 7  <tasks>
 8    <!-- Tasks to perform if condition passed -->
 9  </tasks>
10  <elseTasks>
11    <!-- Tasks to perform if condition failed -->
12  </elseTasks>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
description A description of the condition. String No none 1.6
key The key of the header to check. String Yes n/a 1.6
value The expected value for the header. String Yes n/a 1.6
url The URL to ping. String Yes n/a 1.6


This condition has been kindly supplied by Lasse Sjørup. The original project is available from [[http://ccnetconditional.codeplex.com/]].

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