User Password Authentication

User password authentication checks that the user name and password combination is valid.


Available from version 1.5


Simple example

1<passwordUser name="johndoe" password="whoareyou" display="John Doe" />

The following example shows how this user definition can be used with an internal security definition.

Example in Context

2  <users>
3    <passwordUser name="johndoe" password="whoareyou" display="John Doe" />
4  </users>
5  <permissions>
6    <!-- Omitted for brevity -->
7  </permissions>

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
display The display name for this user.
If this is not set, the name will be used as the display name.
String No None 1.5
password The password for this user. String Yes n/a 1.5
name The name for this user. String Yes n/a 1.5


This element simply stores a user name and password - authentication is that the password is valid for the user name.

It is possible to use wildcards in this element - see Wildcards in User Names.

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