XML Log Publisher

The Xml Log Publisher is used to create the log files used by the CruiseControl.NET Web Dashboard, so if you don't define an <xmllogger /> section the Dashboard will not function correctly.


You should place the <xmllogger /> in the <publishers /> section, after any File Merge Tasks, in your Project Configuration Block.


Available from version 1.0


Minimalist example

1<xmllogger />

Full example

1<xmllogger logDir="c:\myproject\buildlogs" />

Configuration Elements

Element Description Type Required Default Version
logDir The directory to save log files to. If relative, then relative to the Project Artifact Directory. String No buildlogs 1.0
description Description used for the visualisation of the buildstage, if left empty the process name will be shown. String No The task/publisher name. 1.5
dynamicValues The dynamic values to use for the task. Dynamic Values array No None 1.5
environment A set of environment variables set for commands that are executed.
Each variable should be specified as
1<variable name="name" value="value" />

Environment Variable array No



XML Log Publisher used to support the 'mergeFiles' option. This functionality is now removed and you should use File Merge Task instead.

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