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09:33 pm CruiseControl.NET Bug #309 (Closed): MultiSourceControl and Git causes frequent rebuilds with no modifications
I'm afraid this is not fixed. I still see those frequent rebuilds in a small-ish repository that uses a submodule (us...


04:08 pm CruiseControl.NET Bug #330 (Closed): Git fetchSubmodules does not recurse


08:53 pm CruiseControl.NET General Discussion: RE: git repository - get label from a specified branch
According to git blame, the build order described in issue #266 (create label -> run prebuild -> update source) is fr...


11:09 am CruiseControl.NET Feature #266 (New): Change CCNet workflow to support labels from dvcs source control
This does not only apply to DVCS, but also to classic centralized ones like SVN. I use a custom labeller that reads t...

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