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05:50 pm CruiseControl.NET General Discussion: RE: Who started a build
The log file for each build contains the condition(s) that triggered the build. Here's an example:
<request sou...


05:04 pm CruiseControl.NET General Discussion: RE: How to execute a command in "Developer Command Prompt For VS 2013" via task?
Well, in my VS 2010, the command that creates the Visual Studio 2010 Developer command prompt is:...


12:28 am CruiseControl.NET Help: RE: How to build only changed projects
You are going to have to give a better description of the problem in order to get detailed help. Also define what yo...


04:50 pm CruiseControl.NET Help: RE: Adding multiple conditions in ccnet.config
Yes it is possible. Use the *Conditional Task*. See


04:01 pm CruiseControl.NET Help: RE: Change Link Text in Dashboard
It doesn't look like there is an easy way. It appears the string is hard-coded into the C# source. You're going to ...


03:13 am CruiseControl.NET Help: RE: Help Please! How to enable the multi-threading on CruiseControl.Net?
Are you putting all your projects into the same queue? That will cause the behavior you are seeing. Queues by defin...


11:00 pm CruiseControl.NET Help: RE: Conditional task block and HRESULT = '8000000A'
I was finally able to resolve the problem using CCNet's API. Woot! Details at Stack Overflow: [[http://stackoverflo...


10:40 pm CruiseControl.NET Help: Conditional task block and HRESULT = '8000000A'
I use Visual Studio 2010 with .vdproj files and am seeing an error a lot when building the MSI files for my applicati...


10:39 pm CruiseControl.NET Help: RE: Configuration preprocessor and Windows environment
Thank you very much! I never came across that Stackoverflow article in my searches. Using the info you provided, I ...


09:45 pm CruiseControl.NET Help: Configuration preprocessor and Windows environment
CruiseControl.NET's configuration preprocessor isn't reading my Windows environment like I am expecting it to. Here's...

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