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12:58 pm CruiseControl.NET Help: Queues and lockqueues
I understand that I can prevent two queues from running at the same time by writing a configuration like this:...


11:49 am CruiseControl.NET General Discussion: RE: Customice ViewFarmReport.aspx
Hi Mathias,
you may have found the answer but let me comment in case someone else encounters the same problem.
11:34 am CruiseControl.NET Coding: RE: Get latest of multiple projects
Does TFS have a concept of exporting/importing files across projects? Then you could export the files in the tfspath1...


08:52 am CruiseControl.NET General Discussion: RE: Cross-version compatibility of CC.NET
I must have been blind... the source code is on sourceforge!


09:31 am CruiseControl.NET General Discussion: Cross-version compatibility of CC.NET
Hi, I am trying to locate the source code of CC.NET version All I found so far is 1.5.7256.1.

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