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09:19 am CruiseControl.NET Old website will be closed at 1 july 2018
This old website will be closed at 1 july 2018.
You'll find everything now on Github:


11:20 am CruiseControl.NET Task #345 (New): Migrate Website from Chiliproject back to Trac


08:14 am CruiseControl.NET Help: RE: CCNET returns incorrect CCNetLabel value at first time build with filelabeller and sele...
Just a note:
This was also posted on SO: http://stackoverflow.com/q/18523188/1522061


09:30 pm CruiseControl.NET Task #268 (Closed): Please link all steps in http://www.cruisecontrolnet.org/projects/ccnet/wiki/...


07:43 pm CruiseControl.NET General Discussion: RE: git repository - get label from a specified branch
Also created issue #266 -> Change inner Workflow of CCNet to support such scenarios
07:43 pm CruiseControl.NET Feature #266 (New): Change CCNet workflow to support labels from dvcs source control


06:22 pm CruiseControl.NET Bug #170 (New): Can't instal because of NAnt, Mac OS X Lion v.10.7.4
03:01 pm CruiseControl.NET Bug #264 (Closed): Can't Find Final Builder 7 Executable on 64 Bit OS
Can you please provide a patch via pull request on github? (Maybe also a test that prevents removing it again)


11:23 am CruiseControl.NET Help: RE: Failed to create shadow copy on Linux while launching through Mono
As far as i know the preprocessor is not compatible with Mono.
It would be nice if you open an issue for that.
11:11 am CruiseControl.NET Revision b92c9706: Merge 388ed45558236a83a448426d82481f252c77204b into 4560bd889a7cfc30fbcb12f40c...

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