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09:35 am CruiseControl.NET Help: Sending Email to user when Build fails
i am using source control as VSTS with TFS 2008 and VS 2010. i have installed CCnet and its working fine with ...


04:32 pm CruiseControl.NET Bug #356 (Closed): email ldap converter does not work when source control does not pass login acc...
04:29 pm CruiseControl.NET Bug #348 (Closed): DevEnv task does not support, finding VS 2013 or 2012
02:23 pm CruiseControl.NET Bug #347 (New): Preprocessor elements "<cb:element>" is not expanded!
maybe this could help : the comment does not appear to be closed
<!-- *** Set CurrentServerID based on servername ...
12:56 pm CruiseControl.NET Bug #353 (New): SourceGear 8 Upgrade and CruiseControl
I do not have any source gear source control to play with
Below is the code from CCNet that checks the output of Vau...


04:07 pm CruiseControl.NET Wiki edit: ExternalPlugins (#1)
03:59 pm CruiseControl.NET Wiki edit: Wiki (#28)


07:38 am CruiseControl.NET Bug #163 (Closed): reload dashboard does not always work
added option to unload dashboard : System.Web.HttpRuntime.UnloadAppDomain()
in the admin dahboard


07:03 pm CruiseControl.NET Feature #216 (Rejected): Add configuration to control Label merge/replace on VSTS/TFS source control
Sounds more like a 'misuse' of labels, or a bad source control setup
see links below
05:33 pm CruiseControl.NET Bug #294 (Feedback): Package publisher leaves a copy of the package in the artifacts folder
You can always define multiple artifactcleanup publishers :...

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