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07:53 am CruiseControl.NET Bug #326 (Closed): Support for VS/TFS 2013


07:17 am CruiseControl.NET Help: How to attach log file in publisher section
I am having some problem for attaching build log file in publisher section. Evertytime log file generated is with som...
07:15 am CruiseControl.NET Help: Abort build is sending Build broken messages
I am getting abort build messages as failed builds. Why abort build is considered as failed build. I am stopping it p...


02:03 pm CruiseControl.NET Help: How to exclude particular user for schdule trigger in ccnet while IfModificationExists is t...
I have situation where my project checkin some changes during build. I also have scheduled trigger for build whenever...
01:00 pm CruiseControl.NET Help: How to publish list of executable packages in ccnet without zipping it
I have ccnet and project configured on it which generates around 7-8 big packages i.e exe which is around 1GB space. ...


02:01 pm CruiseControl.NET Help: CCNET Label not incrementing
I am giving below label to set my CCNET label initially to then it should increase automatically by 1 e...


07:20 am CruiseControl.NET General Discussion: Cruise Control .NET integration with TFS 2012?
Recently TFS 2012 has came into market and our company is planning to migrate to TFS 2012. Is it compatible and c...
07:15 am CruiseControl.NET Help: RE: CC NET service after adding VSTS source control
This is resolved now. It is fixed by adding workspace name. Not sure why it is mandatory. May be depend upon T...


08:24 am CruiseControl.NET Help: RE: CC NET service after adding VSTS source control
I think its because of CCNET is failing to validate account with TFS, if I am not wrong but I do have access to TFS. ...


12:48 pm CruiseControl.NET Help: CC NET service after adding VSTS source control
I have recently installed CC NET for my organisation and after putting below code for ccnet.config, CC NET servic...

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