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Start date 05/02/2010 Due date 01/23/2011

CruiseControl.NET Release Version 1.6

No issues for this version

Highlights of the 1.6 release

This is mainly a bug fix release on the 1.5 version, that one had enough new features

The following features are added

  • Conditional Task
  • FAKE - F# Make Task
  • Queue section can have its own project definitions
  • Cron trigger

Bug Fixes

A lot.

The most important bugfixes are related to the VSTS and Mercurial source control block,
other big affected items are the dashboard and CCTray.
Off course there are bugfixes done on other items as well.

  • VSS SourceControl GET command should use -I-Y
  • Exception when Vault workingDirectory doesn't exist during check for modifications
  • Configuration problem : entering empty labeller tag in ccnet.config results into crash iso reporting an error that is meaningfull
  • StopAllProjects never ends
  • NDepend report does not show images
  • Projects stay in Stopped state after a config update
  • CCValidator - .NET runtime error on Win2003 x64
  • program files folder locked down in windows 7 : move the log files to another folder : update config of log4net
  • "View Statistics" breaks with error "Missing/Invalid statistics reports" when statistics publisher saves malformed report.xml due to XML fragments in build error message
  • The new Team Foundation Server (vsts) source control solution in 1.5.0 CTP does not supply the login credentials for all calls resulting in 'not authorized' errors
  • VSTS doesn't pass credentials as specified in the sourcecontrol block
  • Receive an unauthorized access exception when connecting to TFS
  • VSTS Source Control is broken
  • scheduleTrigger often does not detect modifications
  • Incorrect filename when outputDir specified for package publisher
  • Vsts.GetSource Broken Due to Malformed Server Name
  • null pointer exception while loading config file with includes
  • Source control operation has timed out (v
  • display status window from tray icon not displayed the right way.
  • using a dynamic value for the password on the SVN source control block causes a cast exception
  • CCValidator crash on Windows 7 x64
  • Dashboard v1.5 homepage has a javascript error
  • FxCop 1.36 does not report file names correctly
  • Different information in the Web Dashboard, CCTray and the balloon notification about who is fixing the build.
  • Wrong path for checkout from cvs repository
  • build results XML get corrupted
  • GetWorkSpaceProcessInfo in vsts.cs does not handle the Force member
  • TFS Label does not specify scope
  • CCTray Window not displayed when double click on tray icon after started, not until you've clicked it twice. (patch included)
  • Problems with schedule trigger - calculation of the next build time
  • MSBuild task does not give console output error messages for report generators to use
  • Mercurial does not work with Vault - CruiseControlException: History Parsing Failed
  • CCValidator - Unexpected Error with missing directories
  • FTP Task always uploads all files
  • Crash due to invalid XML which CCValidator passes
  • PowerShell should display the description given in the configuration
  • CruiseControl.NET 1.5 TFS Server not found error
  • Filtered Source Control Fails to Find Modifications When Using Mercurial
  • MsTestReport.xsl and MsTestSummary.xsl do not work with MSTest 10
  • Directory does not exist: exception with vault clean build
  • UnitTests.xsl and UnitTestDetails.xsl don't count suite-level errors
  • IfModificationExists trigger setting not working correctly for the Mercurial Source Control Block.
  • Non-empty "buildlogs" folder becomes deleted by Artifacts Cleanup publisher when there was a problem writing a current xml log
  • missing CSS file reference in the Obsess theme
  • Mercurial uses -r switch for getting branch whilst the switch for getting a branch is -b
  • Wrong mercurial changesets non-english titles in project reports
  • Who forced the build?
  • Preprocessor and whitespace : breaking change in 1.5 and 1.6
  • package builder does not set filedate within the zipfile to the last changed date.
  • CCNET console doesn't see custom plugins in own folder
  • ProjectTrigger does not find project on local server
  • cctray null ref exception
  • "preCondition" attribute in Web.config is not supported by IIS 5.1 on Windows XP
  • "View Server Log" does not work anymore due to new log-file location
  • VSTS labeling breaks if there is a space in the project path
  • History Parser Tests should handle user-selected culture settings
  • Unable to connect to Team Foundation Server 2010
  • Delete workspace or workfold mapping in TFS.

New Features

  • Ability to specify which user to run source control tasks and nant tasks as
  • Allow 'Server State Directory' to be configured
  • Make ccnet plugin name configurable
  • If build is aborted, build shows as failed for no reason
  • pre processor improvements
  • Configuratio validator should help user to report bugs
  • task build up should display task description iso taskname
  • Make integration properties available everywhere
  • Show user name when a build is aborted
  • new functionality in pre-processor and rework to using LINQ
  • Queue/QueuePriority Columns in CCTray
  • IOService do not support deleting paths longer then 260 chars
  • must be able to pass user and pasword to console runner when specifying a single project to build
  • Make tasks Name-able
  • VSTS plugin does not work when username/password/domain is specified in config and machine is not in domain
  • Force build should not work when project is stopped
  • include cccmd in the setup, just like cc console
  • Svn: TagOnSuccess TagWorkingCopy - save version number generated by ccnetLabel when tagged
  • better reporting of DevEnvTask, logfiles not displayed because logger not apply for task. (patch included)
  • Support git submodules in source control block
  • CCCmd Allow to specify the parameters for a forced build
  • CCCmd Allow to output XML when using the retrieve command
  • Stylesheet Tweak for FxCop 10.0 (.Net 4 / VS 2010)
  • TFS project build using CCNet and MSBuild
  • Add Modification Change Number Support to MKS Source Implementation
  • Sometimes nunit-agent.exe processes remain running after using <nunit> task
  • gewtting error ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.Core.Tasks.BuilderException: Command Line Build timed out (after 600 seconds) while executing .xml through bat file
  • move Q related columns to the end of the list, and foresee a way to hide them
  • Add support for project hierarchies
  • Modifications by changelist
  • show test list name on mstest page
  • show timings in mstest page
  • Reworked Mercurial source control with some additional features