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CCNet 1.8.5 Released (3 comments)
Most important updates : ° Support for Tfs/VS 2013 ° Git does not fetch entire changeset with a new project see setting MaxAmountOfModificationsToFetch in Git (default 100) ° Dashboard install in IIS 7 works
Added by Ruben Willems over 3 years ago

CCNet 1.8.4 Released (3 comments)
This update mainly has WebDashboard and sourcecontrol improvements, also some issues are fixed in the parallel task.
Added by Ruben Willems over 4 years ago

CCNet 1.8.3 Released (21 comments)
Highlights : * Several Parallel Task fixes * the syntax highlighter disables itself if logs are too big (default 50k) * Several preprocessor fixes
Added by Ruben Willems about 5 years ago

CCNet 1.8.2 Released (9 comments)
There was a breaking bug in the 1.8.1 in the power shell task. 1.8.0 did not have this bug, only 1.8.1.
Added by Ruben Willems over 5 years ago

CCNet 1.8.1 Released (2 comments)
The first fix for 1.8 has been released : 1.8.1
Added by Ruben Willems over 5 years ago

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