PureCasino Launches Indian Online Casino Website using CruiseControl.net

The Malta based online casino company PureCasino has in recent days launched a version of their PureCasino.com for the fast growing Indian online gambling market. Thanks to incorporating the CruiseControl.net software into their Indian version of their online casino they are now well prepared to serve their pages and online casino games such as live casino and casino slot machines to million upon millions of Indian casino players. The CruiseControl.net server side software will allow for Pure Casino to rapidly increase serving capacity for their casino games and web pages. The CTO of PureCasino.com Mr. Robert Jameson is expecting high visitor numbers on their Indian online casino and prior to the launch many stress tests were made on various parts of their online casino website. One of the tests that was simulated was 10,000 concurrent game sessions on the online Roulette table while another 15,000 concurrent game sessions were playing online Blackjack. It was reported that all game sessions were moving flawlessly and the simulated Indian online casino players were not suffering any performance interfence while playing one of their favorite casino games. India is a large market for online casino and for many other online industries. With the economic progress in India in recent years more and more online casino players will be created in India and therfor it is crucial for online gambling companies such as Pure Casino that they are well prepared to be able to capitalize on this big market. We at CruiseControl.net are foreseeing more online casino customers like PureCasino in coming months requesting our services. At the end of 2020 we are CruiseControl.net are anticpiating having served more than 150 million online casino game sessions to Indian online gambling players through the smartphones, tablets and desktop. Visit PureCasino.com for more information on their online gambling offers and what they are currently working on for the Indian online casino market. Please check back here for more updates on new online gambling clients in India utilizing the CruiseControl.net software to better serve their casino games to casino players.